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Hotel Services

Making your guests feel "at home" for the entire length of stay, is of paramount importance to a hotel or hotel apartment operator.

With “Same day International Newspapers” supplied “On Demand” by Todaily, hotels have an unmatched tool at hand to address the needs of their demanding clientele on a daily basis. We provide tailor-made offers to hotels based on their requirements and guest’s traffic.

We offer customized solutions to Hotels to manage their daily requirement of International Newspapers.

Magazine Placement

Todaily offers popular UAE titles of large variety and different genre (Lifestyle, Business, Travel, Sports, Art and Culture) in English and Arabic to entertain hotel guests. We offer brand management to the hotel by customizing magazine stands as per design approved by the Hotel. Todaily takes care of complete merchandizing, monitoring and replenishing of the magazine periodically.

Mediabox for Hotel

The Web based Newspaper and Magazine service avails more than 1000 international titles covering 25 languages.

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Same Day Newspaper

We offer customized solution for downloading and printing International Newspaper on the same day it is available in the country of origin

Todaily uses a proprietary system to download over 200 international newspapers of different languages very moment they leave the newsroom in the country of publication. Todaily distributes only complete editions of the respective titles page for page – same as the original version. Our list of newspapers are increasing rapidly.

We provide brand management for the customers by finishing the “International Digital Newspaper” prints with customer branded stripes / corner stickers.

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