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Mediabox for Publishers

There are currently more than 1200 Media Boxes installed at various Hotels, Airlines, Airports and Cruise Ships in over 40 countries.  This captive audience is the perfect way to expand your global outreach to territories never considered before with print.


Worldwide placement of titles

  • The average Media Box user downloads 2-3 publications
  • Media Boxes is available in more than 240,000 hotel rooms
  • Access to the Media Box for 160 Million passengers on a growing number of Airlines
  • More than 465,000 downloads per month

Full transparency to Publishers

  • Detailed download statistics through web access
  • Individualized analytics for your respective publication
  • Real time information available to publisher
  • Sorting and export functionalities, audit reporting

Benefits For Publishers

  • Open up new electronic distribution channels (international airlines, hotels /resorts and exclusive conferences) and gain experience in worldwide digital media distribution
  • Ad revenue by reaching more readers all over the globe
  • Publications are available worldwide to international readers on the day of publication at no logistic expense
  • Broadening subscriber base by adding subscription information and social media links
  • No additional cost using existing PDF files from print production for upload to Media Box

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