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Mediabox for Aviation

Media Box allows Integrating Digital Reading Material during different phases of the passenger journey (i.e. Off Airport, Lounge, and Inflight)

Off Airport

By using the individual accounts of each passenger, the Airline can choose on the number of free downloads to be offered to passengers depending on the booking class and member status

Several touch points can be implemented for communication with passengers before they arrive at the airport (i.e. booking confirmation mail, on-line check-in, etc.)


Beside the individual off-airport solution, the Airline can provide their lounge guests with digital reading material through the lounge Wi-Fi landing page.

Inflight Entertainment

We also offer inflight solutions that are integrated into the Airline’s wireless Inflight Entertainment System. The solution is tailored based on the requirement of the Airline.

Benefits for Airlines

  • Large portfolio to be offered at various touchpoints of the passenger’s journey
  • Satisfying passengers of different nationalities with specific reading material
  • No logistical requirements
  • Less weight requires less fuel and reduced carbon footprint
  • Analytics allow ongoing adaptation of the portfolio to passenger’s demands
  • Targeted Airline travel information can be added

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