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Digital Newspaper Services forAviation

Todaily established a same day newspaper product standard for airlines and hotels in the Middle East by introducing digital newspapers to the industry in 2003.

International Digital newspapers are locally printed versions of original newspaper and are available at the same time the original version is distributed in the country of origin.

We use a proprietary system that links up with the respective publishers thus making the newspapers available at local print stations the moment they leave the newsroom in Sydney, Tokyo, Rome, London or New York.

A large assortment of around 200 popular international titles can be printed on the spot for flights and lounges. The volume of these newspapers are driven by the number of passengers on board and the flight destinations. The “On Demand” printing of digital newspapers helps to manage the weight concerns on board and prevent wastage to a large extent. We provide brand management for the customers by finishing the “International Digital Newspaper” prints with customer branded stripes / corner stickers.

Our Airline Customers Include